These 8 pool designs will elevate your backyard

A Cozy Indoor Oasis

In this indoor pool layout, an all-white color scheme, including round pendant lights, takes center stage, creating a clean, sophisticated atmosphere.

Modern Farmhouse

This sleek swimming pool by Maestri Studio introduces a striking contrast to the home's traditional brick exterior, blending modern elegance with classic architectural elements.

R Shaped

With its unique R-shape design, this pool seamlessly integrates with and enhances the natural environment that surrounds it.

Vacation Nook

create an indoor swimming pool accessible from your backyard. Imagine immersing yourself amidst your garden's lush florals, basking in their beauty as you enjoy a refreshing swim.

Spa-like Spring

This aesthetic offers a tranquil spa-like experience, incorporating elements such as brick and stone alongside the backdrop of surrounding trees and expansive sky views

The Feeling of Luxe

Joshua Smith Inc. designed this outdoor area with a luxurious aesthetic in mind. The pool's sleek, white design seamlessly blends with the refined, midcentury modern look of the surroundings.

Water Park Fun

Installing a slide and brick waterfall not only enhanced the natural elements surrounding this structure but also brought a playful


A classic T-shape is ideal for those with an artistic flair. In this design by David Turner Studio, the vertical stem is narrower and more understated in width.

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