The Hidden Meaning Behind 10 Stunning Orchid Colors

Red Orchids

Symbolizing love, desire, and strength, red orchids like the Cabernet orchid (Phalaenopsis) and Chia Lin Shinsu.

Orange Orchids

Representing creativity and adventure, orange orchids such as 'Carrotcake' (Phalaenopsis) and Foxfire Amber Dural.

Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids evoke happiness and joy, with examples like 'Miraflore' (Phalaenopsis) and Golden Blossom Kogane.

Green Orchids

Symbolic of growth and good fortune, green orchids like Dream 'Ice Green' (Cymbidium) and Little Green Apples.

Blue Orchids

Rare and unique, blue orchids symbolize individuality and are represented by species like Blue Lady  and Blue Vanda.

Purple Orchids

Exuding elegance and royalty, purple orchids such as 'Purple Spotted Phalaenopsis' and 'Vanda Motes Purple Rain.

Pink Orchids

Pink orchids signify femininity, admiration, and affection, seen in varieties like Phalaenopsis Sanderiana and Dendrobium.

White Orchids

Symbolizing purity and innocence, white orchids like Phalaenopsis Floriclone 'Grand Dessert' and Oncidium Twinkle.

Black Orchids

Mysterious and sophisticated, black orchids such as Catasetum Tenebrosum and Monnierara Millennium Magic.

Brown Orchids

Symbolizing stability and clear thinking, brown orchids like Catasetum 'Chocolate Cherry Fudge' and Cymbidium.

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