The Crown' Creator Breaks Silence on Princess Kate's Cancer

Peter Morgan, creator of The Crown, firmly rejected the idea of depicting Princess Kate's cancer battle in any future fictional project, emphasizing a need for privacy in media portrayal.

Responding to inquiries about the viral "where is Kate Middleton" social media frenzy earlier this year, Morgan expressed a clear reluctance, stating, "Yeah, I wouldn't touch that."

Morgan urged both the British press and creators like himself to act responsibly, highlighting the media's role in sensationalizing stories that invade personal privacy.

Following major surgery and a subsequent cancer diagnosis, Princess Kate withdrew from public appearances, starting chemotherapy in late February but disclosing her condition only later amidst heightened social media speculation.

The "where is Kate Middleton" trend on social media, which gained momentum with celebrity involvement and sparked morbid conspiracy theories, underscored the invasive nature of public scrutiny.

Kate faced criticism for modifying a family portrait released on Mother's Day, leading to a public apology in the midst of ongoing media scrutiny.

Reflecting on The Crown's impact, Morgan criticized the pervasive culture of outrage in British media and society, contrasting it with his observations in other countries where such fervor is less prevalent.

He attributed this outrage culture to the pressures on journalists to generate clicks and engagement, lamenting its effects on journalistic integrity and public discourse.