The 9 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Paris

Eiffel Tower:

Constructed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, this 324-meter-high tower is a globally recognized symbol of Paris. It offers stunning views from its three floors, with dining available on the first and the office of Gustave Eiffel on the third.

Notre Dame Cathedral:

A prime example of French Gothic architecture, this iconic cathedral was completed in 1345. Visitors can explore its intricate sculptures and gargoyles and climb 387 steps to the top for panoramic views of Paris.

Louvre Museum:

The world’s most visited art museum, housed in a historic palace that was originally a fortress. Its vast collection is divided into eight departments, showcasing everything from Egyptian antiquities to modern sculptures.

Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph:

Commissioned by Napoleon and designed by Jean Chalgrin, this triumphal arch is dedicated to the French imperial armies. It features the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and offers panoramic views from its terrace.

Cruise on the Seine:

An ideal way to experience Paris, especially at night. Cruises offer stunning views of illuminated landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Dinner cruises add a gourmet element to the experience.


Known for its artistic history and the white-domed Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The Square of Tertre is a hub for artists, and nearby attractions include the Espace Salvador Dalí and the famous cabaret, Moulin Rouge.

Palace of Versailles

This opulent château, symbolizing French military power and supremacy, was the political center of France from 1682 to 1789. Highlights include the State Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, and the extensive French gardens.

The Latin Quarter - Luxembourg Park:

A lively area known for its student life and historic educational institutions. The Luxembourg Park, created in 1612, features beautiful gardens, statues, fountains, and the Luxembourg Palace, home to the French Senate.

Moulin Rouge:

A famous cabaret at the foot of Montmartre, known for the French Cancan. Established in 1889, it remains a major tourist attraction and has inspired numerous films.