The 8 worst desserts in North America

Gelatin dessert is a sweet treat made with gelatin, a protein from animal collagen that can solidify liquids. It has been used since the 1400s in Europe.

Gelatin Dessert

A beloved Jamaican Sunday dessert, sweet potato pudding combines sweet potatoes, flour, coconut milk, dried fruits, and spices. Traditionally baked, some still use a coal pot.

Sweet Potato Pudding

Fortune cookies are crispy wafers with a hidden "fortune" note inside. Made from egg whites, flour, sesame oil, and sugar, they have a light vanilla flavor and a crunchy texture.

Fortune Cookie

From Minnesota, cookie salad is a children's favorite dessert made with fudge stripe cookies, buttermilk, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, and mandarin oranges. Berries can be added, but no Oreos.

Cookie Salad

Jell-O, a famous American gelatin dessert, was invented in 1897 by Pearle Wait. His wife named it, and after selling the patent, Frank Woodward's marketing made Jell-O a household name.


A Kentucky candy, bourbon balls are made with bourbon, pecans, wafer crumbs, butter, and chocolate. Created by Ruth Booe in 1938, they are a Southern holiday favorite.

Bourbon Ball

Invented in New Jersey in 1908, candied apples are apples dipped in a syrup of melted sugar, red coloring, and cinnamon. The best combine a sweet coating with tart, crisp apples.

Candied Apples

A Southern potluck and Christmas tradition, ambrosia salad includes pineapples, mandarins, coconut, and mini marshmallows, sometimes enhanced with fruits, nuts, whipped cream, or yogurt.

Ambrosia Salad