The 8 Most Expensive Chicken Breeds in the World

Known for its striking black appearance due to fibromelanosis, this rare Indonesian breed is valued for its unique qualities, including rich protein content in its meat and eggs.

Ayam Cemani

Originating from Vietnam, this breed is famed for its large, scaly feet and delicious meat, making it a prized delicacy and highly sought after despite its high maintenance.

Dong Tao

Renowned for its exceptional egg-laying ability until its last day, this German breed stands out with its iridescent plumage and is prized for its productivity and rarity.


Originating from Belgium, this breed is known for its large size, muscular build, and historic association with cockfighting, now valued for its protective nature and impressive appearance.

Liege Fighter

Hailing from Sweden, this endangered breed is noted for its black and white speckled plumage and adaptability to various diets, prized for its egg-laying capacity despite its rarity.


Named after Sweden's Oland Island, this small breed is known for its diverse feather colors and natural adaptation, making it a favored choice for hobbyists despite its endangered status.

Olandsk Dwarf

Adapted to cold climates, this rare breed from Sweden showcases a striking black appearance with hints of purple and green, valued for its ability to lay eggs year-round.

Swedish Black

With a unique crown-like feather pattern and historical anecdotes dating back to Russian royalty, this breed is treasured for its distinctive appearance and efforts to preserve its genetic lineage.