How to Take Care of a Kitten

The First Six Months

How to care for a kitten is a common question. Here are some essential tips for the first six months of a kitten's life.

Under 4 Weeks of Age

Newborn kittens (0-4 weeks) develop motor skills and regulate body temperature. They rely on their mother for warmth.

5-11 Weeks of Age

At this stage, kittens should be weaned and eating a high-protein, energy-dense diet. They develop motor skills and coordination, becoming adventurous.

2-4 Months of Age

Expect rapid growth and high energy. Kittens need plenty of playtime and bonding. Feed them 3-4 high-protein meals per day to support their development and energy needs.

4-6 Months of Age

Kittens reach adolescence and sexual maturity, showing increased energy and behavioral changes. Plan for spaying or neutering and continue bonding playtime.

Kitten Nutrition Tips

Proper nutrition is crucial at each growth stage. For the first 4 weeks, kittens need their mother's milk or a commercial milk replacement formula every 2-4 hours.

Weaning Process (3-5 Weeks)

Encourage weaning by offering milk replacement in a shallow dish and adding a moist, chewable diet. Feed 4-6 times a day.