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A 8 Pack of Rare Seeds for Eye-Catching Vegetables

Glass Gem Popping Corn

With jewel-like kernels, this popcorn shines brilliantly like glass beads. Easy to grow, just plant after the last frost for vibrant colors and delicious taste.

Chinese Pink Celery

Bright neon pink stalks make this celery variety stand out. It’s easy to grow and adds a fun, nutritious element to any dish. Perfect for moderate temperatures.

Candy Roaster

This squash has smooth, sweet orange flesh ideal for baking, frying, or making pies. Plant after the last frost and give plenty of space for its long vines.

Tennis Ball Lettuce

Petite Bibb lettuce heads are easy to grow and historically significant, once grown by Thomas Jefferson. Plant seeds close together for a charming, single-serving size.

Hopi Red Dye Amaranth

Versatile and beautiful, this amaranth offers deep red flower bracts used for natural dye, plus edible seeds and greens. Plant after the last frost for optimal blooms.

Christmas Pole Lima Bean

Large white beans with vibrant red splashes grow on long vines and produce heavy yields, even in hot weather. Plant in warm soil and thin seedlings for best results.

Watermelon Radish

This radish boasts a white-and-green exterior with a fuchsia center. It thrives in cool weather, making it perfect for fall planting, and offers a sweet, crisp taste.

Succotash Beans

These ancient beans, from the Narragansett tribe, are ideal for northern climates. They thrive in coastal areas and are perfect for making traditional succotash.

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