9 Style Rules That Are Subject to Deviation

Mix Metals and Leathers

Break the traditional rule of matching metals and leathers strictly. Combine different metals and leather tones creatively to enhance your outfit's accessory game.

Embrace Brown in Town

Challenge the old British style rule that bans brown in urban settings. Incorporate brown shoes and clothing into your wardrobe for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

Wear White After Labor Day

Disregard the outdated notion that white is only for summer. Embrace white clothing year-round, reflecting modern fashion freedom over old-fashioned classist rules.

Mix Black with Brown

Contrast black formal wear with brown casual items for a stylish blend. When done right, this combination can create a sophisticated and unique look.

Wear Matching Sets

Reconsider the advice against matching tie and pocket square sets. While it may lack creativity, wearing them together is still an option, or you can wear them separately for versatility.

Explore "Un-Manly" Colors

Reject the idea that certain colors are off-limits. Wear any color that suits your taste and personality, embracing a broader spectrum beyond traditional masculine norms.

Dress Appropriately

Adapt your attire to fit the occasion and environment rather than adhering strictly to tie-wearing conventions. Assess the setting to determine if a tie is necessary.

Playful Socks

Shift from socks that match trousers to ones that complement your outfit's colors, tie, or pocket square. Let your socks add a pop of personality and style to your overall look.

Non-Oxford Shoes with Suits

Consider alternatives to traditional oxford shoes with suits. Less formal materials like suede or loafers can pair well with cotton or linen suits for a relaxed yet stylish look.

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