9 Must-Do Pond Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Clean Your Pond to Remove Debris

Spruce up your pond by removing twigs, leaves, and branches. Use a net for floating debris and a pond vacuum for the bottom.

Inspect and Clean Pond Filters

Unclog your pond filters to enhance water clarity and circulation. Regularly check and clean them according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Trim Back Overgrown Plants

Prune overgrown plants around your pond to prevent debris from falling into the water. Trim dead or damaged foliage for a neat garden.

Inspect and Clean Pond Pumps

Maintain pond pumps for optimal water circulation. Regularly check for debris blocking the intake and inspect for damage.

Control Excessive Algae Growth

Use natural methods to control algae, such as reducing nutrient levels, increasing shade, and installing aeration to promote healthy aquatic life.

Use Barley Straw for Algae Control

Place barley straw bales in your pond to release compounds that inhibit algae growth. This method may take a few weeks to show results.

Manually Remove Pond Algae

Regularly remove algae by hand or with a net to prevent overpopulation. This should be done every 21 days for best results.

Install Aeration Systems

Increase oxygen levels in your pond with fountains, waterfalls, or air pumps to inhibit algae growth and promote beneficial bacteria.

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