9 Least Densely Populated Places In The World


The world's least-densely populated territory, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, inhabited for over 4500 years. Most of the land is ice-covered, with the population concentrated along the west coast.

Svalbard And Jan Mayen 

Norwegian islands with Svalbard's population of 2,667 spread over 60,000 square kilometers, and Jan Mayen, covering 377 square kilometers, uninhabited. Known for their extreme cold.

Falkland Islands 

UK territory with a population of 3,398 across 778 islands. The two main islands, East and West Falkland, are important bird breeding grounds, with a cold, windy climate. Despite a small population a

Pitcairn Islands 

One of the most remote inhabited places, located in the South Pacific. Only one of the four volcanic islands, Pitcairn, is inhabited by 50 people descending from original settlers. The islands are difficult to access due to high.

Tristan Da Cunha

The most remote inhabited archipelago in the South Atlantic, with around 246 residents living on the main island. Despite its small size (about 200 square kilometers), it is one of the least densely populated places.


Known for Genghis Khan and its horse breeds, Mongolia is sparsely populated due to its vast, difficult-to-occupy land and its location between Russia and China. The population is growing quickly, which could change its ranking. 

Western Sahara 

A disputed territory in the Maghreb, mostly desert, with around half a million people across 266,000 square kilometers. The harsh terrain contributes to its low population density.


Located in Southwestern Africa, Namibia is largely covered by the arid Namib Desert. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and sparsely populated Botswana. Despite its desert geography, the country has a temperate climate.


Known for its vast outback and deserts, Australia has a low population density despite being a large country. The population is concentrated in coastal cities, leaving much of the interior sparsely inhabited.