9 Key Success Habits Every Man Should Have

Remembering Loss

Every man faces tough times—lost friends, unemployment, debt. These experiences toughened me and gave me perspective. They remind me that today's problems pale in comparison to what I've overcome.

Get Up Early

Start with the hardest tasks first—like filming for my YouTube channel. Tackle them early to breeze through the rest of the day. Don't let that heavy stone of tasks weigh you down; conquer it from the start.

Eighty Percent… Is Good Enough

Striving for perfection is futile. Focus on doing your best and moving forward. This mindset helped me reach countless viewers with imperfect videos that still delivered results.

Read More Books

Knowledge is power. I scatter books throughout my home to always have information at hand. Reading isn't just about gaining knowledge; it boosts longevity, reduces stress, and enhances sleep.

Give Up Alcohol

Moderation is key. Avoiding alcohol saves money, prevents bad decisions, and preserves brain health. Sobriety enhances clarity and sets a positive example, especially for family.

Surround Yourself With Success

Engage with driven, passionate individuals who inspire and challenge you. Build a network of experts to exchange insights and support each other's growth.

Be A Better Listener

Listening builds connections and understanding. It's not just about waiting to speak but truly comprehending others' viewpoints and gaining valuable advice.


Organize your day with a detailed timetable. Effective time management ensures tasks are completed efficiently, even scheduling relaxation. It's a crucial habit for productivity and achieving goals.

Pay With Cash

While credit cards offer benefits, paying with cash promotes financial discipline and savings. Living below your means provides security during financial challenges and fosters long-term financial stability.

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