9 Ideas for Landscaping Your Home to Look More Expensive

Lavender Field

A Sonoma, California property exudes rustic French charm with stone pavilions and outdoor cooking areas amidst a lavender field, evoking a laid-back countryside vibe.

Quaint Fencing

A Wyoming mountain house features a wooden fence enclosing wild lavender, with a suspended canoe adding character to the landscape, blending quaintness with polished elegance.

Life-Size Chess

A backyard design incorporates a tiered infinity pool overlooking a life-size chess board, offering practicality and entertainment with a touch of sophistication, perfect for lounging

Structured Greenery

A backyard transformation with fresh brickwork and sculptural greenery, including boxwood spheres and hedges, revitalizing the space from overgrown to structured elegance.

Stone Partition

A design for a 1950s ranch features a partial stone wall supporting a pergola, creating privacy for a cozy fireplace zone while maintaining an open and green outdoor space.

Blooming Flower Border

A stunning garden border with rows of hydrangeas and hedges offers a beautiful alternative to traditional fences, perfect for summer cottages.

Strategic Paint Colors

Employing "Go Away Green" paint on fences and trellises adds vertical greenery to hardscaped patios with magical camouflaging abilities, enhancing outdoor areas

Gravel Ground

A Nashville patio features a gravel ground instead of a lawn, complemented by lush pots and topiaries, creating a low-maintenance yet inviting outdoor space perfect for hosting.

Window Boxes

Enhancing a home's façade with window boxes filled with white florals and greenery adds charm and elegance to the landscape, even without a front yard or sizable porch.