8 Ways Dietitian Suggests You Eat on a Low-Calorie Diet 

Avoid Sugary Drinks:

Limit intake of beverages like fruit punch and soda to reduce added sugar consumption, linked to various health issues.

Incorporate Fermented Foods:

Kimchi and sauerkraut provide probiotics for gut health; consider yogurt and miso soup too.

Eat Low-Mercury Fish:

Consume oily fish weekly for omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients supporting heart health.

Drink Milk Daily:

Milk offers essential nutrients like calcium and protein, supporting bone health and overall nutrition.

Snack on Fruit:

Boost energy with fruit snacks, combining them with protein for longer-lasting satisfaction.

Increase Vegetable Intake:

Add veggies to meals for fiber and essential nutrients, improving gut health and flavor.

Limit Diet Soda:

Reduce intake of diet soda due to potential health risks like cardiovascular issues and poor mental health.

Choose Lean Beef Cuts: 

Opt for leaner beef cuts like flank steak to enjoy the benefits of protein without excess saturated fat.