8 Tricks for IKEA Greenhouse Cabinets You Should Try

Integrate Greenhouses into Existing Spaces

Utilize IKEA cabinets like FABRIKÖR and MILSBO to seamlessly blend into your home's aesthetic, as showcased by Robin Schouten's creative arrangement.

Optimize Lighting for Tropical Plants

Mimic natural light conditions with strategic placement of grow lights, wire shelves, and weather stripping, as demonstrated.

Craft a DIY Terrarium

Transform a FABRIKÖR cabinet into a stunning terrarium with waterproofing and smart modifications like fiberglass walls for optimal plant growth

Expand for Extensive Plant Collections

Maximize space by using multiple cabinets ensuring similar care requirements for plants housed together for efficient maintenance.

Create a Living Cabinet

Build a captivating plant display within a FABRIKÖR unit using expanding foam, moss, and grow lights, exemplified by Francesco of  vibrant corner.

Dedicate a Room to Greenhouse Gardening

Transform an entire room into a plant sanctuary with added lighting, ventilation, and storage options

Double Up for Increased Efficiency

Combine two cabinets to create separate plant zones, each equipped with grow lights for optimal growth.

Enhance Functionality with Pegboard

Customize cabinets with pegboard backing for additional storage and aesthetic appeal.