8 Places for the Best Lake Diving in the US

Billy Rogers

Lake Tahoe, California

At 1,645 feet deep, Tahoe is the deepest U.S. lake accessible to divers, featuring granite arches, boulder labyrinths, and an underwater maritime heritage trail.

Clear Lake, Oregon

Formed by volcanic activity, Clear Lake has crystal-clear, 43-degree water that preserves a submerged forest and offers spiritual diving experiences.

Homestead Crater, Utah

A geothermal pool in a limestone dome created by ancient volcanic activity, featuring 90-96 degree waters for swimming, paddleboarding, and diving.

Blue Hole, New Mexico

A natural artesian well on Route 66 with a steady 62-degree temperature, crystal-clear waters, and unique diving experiences among kitschy mementos.

Crystal River, Florida

Home to an estimated 800 West Indian manatees, Crystal River offers guided tours and strictly regulated swimming experiences with manatees.

Cooper River, South Carolina

Known for its prehistoric fossils, including megalodon teeth, the murky Cooper River offers thrilling, challenging dives for experienced collectors.

Thunder Bay, Michigan

The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron features nearly 100 historic shipwrecks, accessible to divers of all levels.

Spring Lake, Texas

A federally protected lake fed by artesian springs, offering diving opportunities to volunteer divers who help preserve its rich wildlife and habitats.

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