8 Mohawk Haircuts For Men To Rock This Year

Short Mohawk High Fade

Alvaro Carpes from Carpes Barbearia offers a modern twist on the classic mohawk with shaved sides and a gradual decrease in hair length and thickness. Opt for this short mohawk fade to accentuate your dark.

Curly Hair Mohawk Fade

Experiment with different hair lengths and fade shapes to achieve a trendy and cool look that suits your style. Pairing a curly mohawk with a low to mid fade can enhance your overall appearance and add volume to your hair.

Messy Mohawk and Skin Fade

Embrace your thick, wavy hair with a messy hairstyle that exudes texture and character. Use your fingers to scrunch your hair upwards for a disheveled look, complemented by a skin fade for added edge.

Drop Fade for Thick Hair

Opt for a stylish and contemporary look with a drop fade mohawk, combining shaved sides with longer hair on top. This haircut offers a bold and sharp contrast, perfect for those seeking a modern twist on a classic style.

Feathered Faded Mohawk with Design

Enhance your natural hair texture with a cool wavy mohawk, complemented by a high fade and intricate design. The high fade accentuates the curls on top, creating a visually striking hairstyle.

Highlighted Mohawk with Shaved Lines

Achieve a bold and attention-grabbing look with a skin fade mohawk, allowing for experimentation and personalization. Add highlights or side designs to embrace a punk-inspired aesthetic and showcase your unique style.

Faded Mohawk Haircut with Bangs

Barber Ryder from 999K Original offers a modern take on the classic mohawk with a mid fade, striking a balance between boldness and sophistication. Opt for this stylish variation to elevate your overall look.

Cool Textured Mullet Mohawk

The textured mullet mohawk is a striking choice that commands attention and showcases a contemporary flair. It's a hairstyle that allows you to boldly express your unique identity and fashion sense.