8 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture

Short Inverted Bob

An ideal choice for fine hair, this style adds volume with a gentle curl towards the face. Backcomb at the roots for extra volume and embrace the layered look.

Short Textured Bob

Perfect for thin hair, a chin-length bob cut bluntly adds volume and frames the face. Enhance texture by scrunching dry for natural waves.

Short Shaggy Bob with Fringe

Wispy fringe softens the face in this textured bob style, perfect for fine hair. Keep a mini iron handy for essential fringe touch-ups.

Short Pixie Cut

A chic, ultra-short style with short sides and a longer top and fringe. Enhance elegance with a side-parted fringe and enjoy the low-maintenance glamour.

Short Choppy Bob

Embrace natural hair texture with a trendy, low-maintenance bob. Ideal for showcasing natural greys post-menopause while keeping hair healthy.

Thick Lob

Glamorous yet simple, this long bob hits just above the collarbone. Versatile for any occasion with a side or center parting.

Thick Asymmetrical Blunt Bob

Showcase thick hair with a blunt cut or soften with nibbled ends. Add drama with a side parting for a voluminous curtain effect.

Thick Pixie Cut with Fringe

Low-maintenance and stylish, thin thick hair with shaping layers. Frame the face with a forward fringe and maintain with a mini iron on the go.