8 Classic Cocktails You Need to Know

Gin & Tonic

The botanical London Dry Gin has a flavor that is characterized by juniper and herbs, and the sweetness of tonic water is the ideal complement to this flavor.

White Russian

Although it is possible to make a White Russian using milk or half and half, the addition of heavy cream to this straightforward cocktail results in an unrivaled flavor and texture.

Paper Plane

Aperol is responsible for the distinctive orange color of the Paper Plane, which provides just the right amount of sweetness to balance off the bitter and acidic flavors throughout the drink.


The flavor of this lovely gin cocktail, which has a light purple hue, is just as delicious as its appearance. The first reference of this cocktail can be found in Recipes for Mixed Drinks

Vieux Carré

In order to evoke the opulence and depravity that characterized New Orleans during the time of Prohibition, Neal Bodenheimer has developed a traditional recipe for Vieux Carré.


In spite of the fact that the Negroni has an infinite capacity for transforming into many forms, this recipe is for the most traditional version of the cocktail; you can think of it as an homage to the soothing simplicity of the Negroni.

Aperol Spritz

When making this drink, which is often served in a stemmed wine glass filled with ice and garnished with an orange wedge, it is recommended to use brut (or dry) prosecco

Moscow Mule

Because there aren't many ingredients in a Moscow Mule, it's crucial to use the best quality possible whenever possible. For a fully-flavored experience, use ginger beer that is crisp and spicy