8 Best Workouts for Losing Belly Fat , According to Personal Trainers

A full-body exercise involving explosive movements from a push-up position to a jump, effectively engaging all muscle groups and boosting metabolism.


A dynamic plank variation, engaging core muscles intensely while maintaining stability and straight body alignment.

Mountain Climber:

A calorie-torching exercise engaging major muscle groups like glutes, hips, and core, promoting explosive movement and elevated heart rate.

Kettlebell Swing:

Targets core muscles through explosive movements, enhancing power and velocity while burning belly fat.

Medicine Ball Slam:

Engages core, back, and glutes, requiring stability to maintain weight overhead during lunges.

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge:

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) burns calories efficiently, promoting fat loss around the midriff and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Treadmill Sprints:

Multi-joint exercise combining squats and shoulder presses to target glutes, quads, abs, shoulders, and arms.


Full-body exercise engaging arms, abs, glutes, and legs through squatting, plank, and jumping movements.