8 Best Tropical Plants That Can Thrive Anywhere

Ficus benjamina

Known for its slender, leaning branches and dark green leaves, the Weeping Fig can live for more than 20 years. This elegant tree grows quickly and requires frequent repotting. Note that its sap is toxic to humans and animals and can irritate the skin.

Aloe barbadenis

Aloe Vera, famous for its healing properties, is a favorite houseplant. It needs tons of sunlight and minimal watering.

Howea forsteriana

A pricey but rewarding plant, the Kentia Palm grows slowly and can reach up to 40 feet outdoors. It requires little care and thrives in low light and water conditions.

C. terminalis

This palm-like plant has green and pink leaves, adding color and depth to your space. It needs high humidity and prefers rainwater or distilled water.

Peace Lily

An easy-to-grow plant with white flowers that contrast beautifully with its glossy green leaves. It purifies the air and thrives in low light.


Known for its large, glossy green leaves, this low-maintenance plant can grow upright, trail, or climb. It needs watering every one to two weeks.


Known for its toxicity, this common houseplant needs high humidity and dappled shade. Handle with care due to its harmful sap and roots.

Crassula ovata

Also known as the lucky or money plant, this succulent requires minimal watering and can live up to 70 years. It should be placed near a window.