8 Best Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Plan Early and Prepare Documentation

Plan travel at least 10 months ahead. Track flights with Capital One Travel pricing alerts. Pre-order passports and visas to avoid rush fees. Check travel advice and insurance.

Travel Off-Peak

Choose shoulder seasons or less popular travel days to save money. For example, visit Greece in May or October. Fly on off-peak days like major holidays instead of the day before to find cheaper flights.

Opt for Multi-Stop Flights

Check for cheaper routes with multiple stops. You could go to Budapest instead of Venice and then take a budget airline home. This saves money and lets you see new places.

Combine Multiple Destinations

Multi-destination trips save time and money. Combine pricey and cheap destinations. Tour various Caribbean islands or London, Stockholm, and Rome in one trip.

Contact Hotels Directly

Hotels provide better rates when called directly, especially during low occupancy. Request discount dates or incentives. Hotels may provide more discounts and flexibility than internet booking.

Stay Loyal for Rewards

Select one airline or travel rewards credit card for frequent flyer perks. Get extra miles, discounted baggage fees, preferential boarding, and airport lounge access to improve your trip.

Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Use frequent flyer miles to save on travel. Travel rewards credit cards let you earn miles on flights and ordinary transactions. Book via Capital One Travel for additional miles and perks.

Pay in Local Currency to Avoid Fees

U.S.-issued Capital One credit cards don't impose foreign transaction fees. Travel with local cash and a debit card for ABM withdrawals.

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