8 Best Pixar Movies of All Time

Despite Pixar's track record, "The Good Dinosaur" failed to leave a lasting impression, marking Pixar's first significant flop. The film's lack of lasting value and forgettable nature stand out in Pixar's catalog.

The Good Dinosaur

Following the success of the original "Cars," the sequel fell short, with "Cars 2" representing a decline for Lightning McQueen. While the merchandising potential was evident, the film failed to live up to its predecessor.

Cars 2

While the banter between Lightning McQueen and Mater remains charming, "Cars 3" doesn't offer much beyond that. Though it's an improvement over "Cars 2," it suggests a return to Pixar's original ideas.

Cars 3

As Pixar delved into sequels and spinoffs in the 2010s, "Monsters University" revisited the world of "Monsters, Inc." The film, while enjoyable, feels like an imitation of the original, lacking the magic of Pixar's

Monsters University

"Elemental" explores a world where the four elements exist as separate entities, showcasing Pixar's originality. However, despite its unique concept, the execution falls short of expectations.


Acting as a prequel and spinoff, "Lightyear" delves into the origins of Buzz Lightyear. While it boasts impressive visuals and Chris Evans's vocals, it struggles to justify its existence compared to the innovative storytelling


"Finding Dory" falls into a predictable rhythm, lacking the groundbreaking storytelling associated with Pixar. While it works as a standalone film, it pales in comparison to its predecessor, "Finding Nemo."

Finding Dory

Pixar's first film starring a human heroine, "Brave," explores themes of individuality and strength. Beyond showcasing Pixar's animation prowess, it delivers a compelling fantasy tale of female empowerment.