7 Sustainable Home Decor Brands to Furnish Your House

Woody Grass

Discover eco-friendly home décor by Woody Grass, offering contemporary, ethical products crafted by bamboo artisans. From lamps to planters, each item is packaged in zero waste materials, supporting local artisans and bamboo plantation regeneration.


Experience luxury and chemical-free bedding with Amouve's organic cotton bedsheets, wool-free blankets, and kapok pillows. Founded by Ami Sata, Amouve is committed to providing cozy and sustainable bedding options with zero waste packaging.


Enhance your space with Fermoscapes' stunning date palm planters and kauna grass baskets, handcrafted by skilled artisans. Delivered in zero waste packaging, Fermoscapes offers eco-friendly home interior design products that support fair pay and local craftsmanship.


Explore upcycled furniture and organizers from Sirohi, crafted by rural women artisans using traditional craft skills. From mirrors to stools, Sirohi merges sustainability with traditional craftsmanship.

Amala Earth

Shop eco-friendly houseware on Amala Earth, an online zero waste store aggregating small, artisan-first brands. Founded by Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Amala Earth offers a range of sustainable products delivered in creative plastic-free packaging.


Illuminate your space with Oorjaa's artisanal lamps and sustainable home lighting made largely from natural materials. Founded by Jenny Pinto, Oorjaa's innovative lighting collection includes wall, ceiling.

IVEI (I Value Every Idea)

Discover artisan-centric work with IVEI's range of products, including whiteboards perfect for brainstorming. Founded with a commitment to valuing every idea, IVEI offers unique and practical items for your living space.