7 Summer Nails Trends Designed for Vacation

Embrace the cowgirl trend with cow-print designs and Texan French styles using brown and white polish for a rugged yet stylish look.

Cowboy Carter Nails

Inspired by '60s prints, create vibrant nail art with tropical colors like peachy-orange and yellow, capturing the essence of summer fun.

Palm Royale Nails

Combine floral designs with classic French tips for a fresh, elegant manicure, incorporating tiny dried flowers for a delicate finish.

Floral French Tips

Achieve a natural flush effect with blush nails using a sponge technique, adorned with dainty bows for a touch of whimsy and charm.

Blush Nails and Bows

Opt for a minimalist yet chic look with Baby Boomer nails, blending soft ombré French tips in sheer pink and opaque white for a versatile style.

Baby Boomer Nails

Add a pop of color with micro neon French tips, using vibrant shades on neutral bases for a fun and modern twist on a classic manicure.

Micro Neon French

Channel artistic vibes with pop-art inspired nail designs, featuring abstract patterns and bold colors on sheer backgrounds for a playful summer look.

Pop-Art Nails