7 Lipstick Hacks To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer And Your Lips Look Fuller

Lip Balm as Base

Using lip balm before applying lipstick prevents settling into cracks and ensures better pigment adhesion. Massage a small amount onto your lips for best results.

Concealer as Lip Primer

Apply a long-wear concealer on lips to prevent bleeding and enhance lipstick longevity. Focus on outer corners before applying lipstick.

Transfer-Proof Trick

Use tissue paper and baby powder to make any lipstick transfer-proof. Pat tissue between lips to remove excess product, then lightly powder lips for a sealed pigment.

Minimize Contact

Avoid smudging during meals by minimizing lip contact with food and cutlery. When drinking, touch only the tip of your lips to the glass to reduce smudging.

Avoid Lip Fiddling

Prevent lipstick feathering by avoiding unconscious lip pressing or licking. These actions can disrupt the lipstick's longevity.

Lip Liner as Lipstick

Utilize lip liner as lipstick for increased longevity. Lip liners have drier formulas, enhancing their staying power when used as lipstick.

Choose Long-Lasting Formulas

Opt for matte formulas, especially liquid or mousse lipsticks, for extended wear. These formulas stay longer compared to satin or bullet lipsticks.