7 HIIT Workouts to Get You Shredded Fast

Burpee Mayhem

This circuit exercise is meant to make you sweat profusely and gasp for air while providing a pump throughout your body since it combines lower and upper body training.

Mountain Finisher

The mountain finisher workout is another effective HIIT workout that involves upper and lower body training, as well as an isometric core exercise that may be used to provide cardiovascular reprieve throughout the circuit.

Chest Crusher

Want to achieve an excellent chest pump while also improving your overall vascularity? This is the HIIT exercise to attempt. Dips are the major exercise, and they will put your strength to the test after the second and third rounds.

HIIT Lower Body Workout

If you haven't trained your legs in a while, be careful. You will undoubtedly get a terrific pump anyway, but DOMs are possible if you have been out of the game for too long.

HIIT Ab Workout

Want to have a flat stomach with strong muscular bellies on the front and sides? Look no farther than this core workout that will have you wriggling while still making you feel great.

Sprint Interval Workout

If you don't run much, don't overdo it with sprints. Begin with 5-10 at 75%, then gradually increase with each subsequent workout.

HIIT Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

This free weight workout is meant to prepare your muscles for preservation while also providing a powerful calorie burning impact.