7 Gallery Wall Ideas for Any Kind of Space

Go for a Classic Grid

For a modern take on the traditional picture wall, arrange your photos in a grid. Arrange several frame sizes in a balanced manner and cover the wall with a variety of photos.

Wallpaper Accent walls are always in

To create a visually striking background that will grab everyone's attention, choose a fire wallpaper and place your favorite artwork in front of it. Your artwork will seem bright!

Artful Cluster of small frames

Putting up a display that is both unique and eye-catching may be accomplished by combining many smaller frames into a single bigger whole.

Retro Monochrome Gallery

If you want to keep things as basic as possible, use prints or photographs that are completely black and white for your gallery wall.

The Natural Focal Point

Branches, stones, and driftwood are examples of natural components that may elevate your gallery wall. Don't forget to include picture frames, too! To create an eye-catching presentation, combine everything.

A splash of Colorful Mosaic

Put your artwork on your wall in a vibrant mosaic design to give it some flare! Enjoy experimenting with color and coming up with something original.

Mirror frame installation

Mirrors make gallery walls appear great! Put them in separate frames and add art between them to complete the look. Everyone will notice it as they enter!