7 Concrete Patio Ideas For A Cozy Outdoor Retreat

Modern Farmhouse: A symmetrical patio setup makes for a warm and welcoming entrance to this modern farmhouse. The green front door is flanked with a pair of wall sconces, potted ferns, and black rocking chairs

Painted Concrete Patio: To prevent outdoor furniture from looking like it's simply floating on a large patio, anchor it with a well-chosen area rug.

Functional Concrete Patio: Maximize a large patio by dividing it into zones based on activities. Keep views and practical factors such as proximity to the door or a pool in mind when creating different zones

Add Cafe Lights: Hang cafe lights from a pergola ceiling to illuminate your patio and set the mood for al fresco dining. Calculate how many strands of lights you will need before hanging them

Modern Rustic Concrete Patio: Warm up a concrete patio and create a modern rustic design with warm woods, woven textures, comfortable seating, and a neutral color scheme.

Hang Patio Curtains: Add a beautiful finishing touch to your outdoor space with patio curtains that serve both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. Their main function is to provide privacy and shade

Hang Ferns From Pergola Beams: Hang ferns from a pergola ceiling to liven up a concrete patio and turn it into a lush green oasis. Bring in potted plants to surround outdoor furniture and add bright planters