10 Most Popular Cattle Breeds Across America

Black Angus

Renowned for their marbling and tenderness, Black Angus cattle offer premium-grade beef, ideal for both large and small-scale ranching.


Originating from the Netherlands, Holsteins excel in milk production, making them the top choice for dairy farmers.

Red Angus

Red Angus cattle, like their Black Angus counterparts, provide high-grade meat. Known for their strong maternal instincts and gentle demeanor.


With origins in England, Herefords thrive in various climates, displaying resilience to both cold and heat. Recognizable by their distinctive white faces and brown backs


Jersey cattle from the British Channel Islands boast high-quality milk production while consuming less feed.


Originating from France, Charolais cattle produce top-grade beef and are favored for crossbreeding due to their strong genetics.


With origins in France, Limousins are prized for their high meat yield with low fat content. Recognizable by their broad stature and red-tinted coats.


Shorthorns are dual-purpose cattle known for their fertility, mothering abilities, and adaptability. Their reddish-brown coats with white patches make them easily identifiable.


Hailing from Switzerland, Simmentals excel in producing quality beef, milk, butter, and cheese.

Texas Longhorn

Intelligent Beef Production: With a rich history dating back to Spanish arrival in the 1400s, Texas Longhorns are valued for their beef production and intelligence.