10 Iconic 70s Toys Only True Kids of the Era Will Recall

One of the most unexpected crazes of the decade, Pet Rocks were simple yet ingenious. Marketed as low-maintenance pets, each rock came.

Pet Rocks

Introduced in 1975, Mood Rings quickly became a must-have accessory for 70s kids. These rings purportedly changed color based on the wearer's.

Mood Rings

Promoted as "instant pets," Sea Monkeys were actually brine shrimp sold in mail-order kits. Kids eagerly anticipated the arrival of their eggs.

Sea Monkeys

Tang, the powdered orange drink famously associated with NASA's space missions, became a staple in 70s households. Marketed as the drink.


A favorite action figure among 70s kids, Stretch Armstrong was known for his unique ability to stretch and return to his original shape.

Stretch Armstrong

Carrying a metal lunchbox featuring The Bionic Woman was not just practical but also a statement of fandom and style for 70s kids. 

The Bionic Woman Lunchbox

View-Master reels offered children a 3D glimpse into worlds both real and imagined. From Disney characters to scenic landscapes, each click of the lever.


A beloved craft activity, Shrinky Dinks allowed kids to create designs on flexible plastic sheets that would shrink and harden in the oven. 

Shrinky Dinks

Illuminating many childhoods, Lite-Brite sets let kids create glowing pictures using colorful plastic pegs on a backlit board..


 Following the release of Star Wars in 1977, action figures of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader became immensely popular. 

Star Wars Action Figures

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